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Dental Hygiene Done Differently,
Making Preventive Dentistry Accessible to Everyone

Dental Hygiene Collective provides individualized care in a relaxed environment. We can't wait to create a custom care plan with you in mind!

  • Dental Hygiene Collective Fee Guide
  • Scaling per unit: $65
  • Root Planing per unit: $70
  • Polish: $61
  • Fluoride Varnish: $28
  • 2 Bitewing X-rays: $40
  • 4 Bitewing X-rays: $80
  • Oral Health Assessment: included with all hygiene appointments
  • Oral Cancer Screening: included with all hygiene appointments

Please contact us for a more detailed fee guide or with any additional inquiries.

Dental Scaling:

The Registered Dental Hygienists at DHC have extensive experience with scaling and rootplaning. All of our dental hygiene appointments will include guided biofilm therapy at no additional charge. We also offer various numbing agents should you require them for your comfort, however GBT is shown to significantly decrease patient discomfort during the appointment.

Guided Biofilm Therapy:

Is an integral part of our practice dental hygiene appointment is tailored to your unique needs. GBT is an integral part of your practice and incorporated into your appointment at no additional cost. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the EMS system! The ultrafine erythritol powder gently clears away plaque and decontaminates your mouth of unwanted biofilm, followed by the piezon which uses a gentle vibration and warm water to remove harder deposits, and a final refine with hand instrumentation. Your teeth will thank you!

Oral Cancer Screening:

We conduct a thorough oral cancer screening for all of our clients at no additional charge. DHC utilizes the Velscope, as well as and intra and extraoral exam to assess our clients for any risk factors or suspicious areas.

Oral Health Assessments:

Dental Hygienists in Alberta are able to diagnose dental x-rays and aid clients in making informed decisions when a treatment referral is required. DHC hygienists will conduct a complimentary assessment at each of your dental hygiene appointments. We will collaborate with your existing dentist, or if you don't have one we are happy to refer you to one that shares your values.

Dental X-Rays:

At DHC we are able to take any necessary x-rays and complete a complimentary oral health assessment in conjunction with your hygiene appointment. Should any restorative treatment be required your dental hygienist will assist you with a referral to the appropriate specialist and forward any x-rays required by email.

Want Whiter Teeth?

At Dental Hygiene Collective, we've partnered up with Wicked White. Wicked White is Canadian, female-owned company founded by a fellow Dental Hygienist to bring you a brighter smile.

Following a thorough exam that addresses your individual needs, we can help you achieve your brightest, healthiest smile in just a little over an hour using Wicked White in-office whitening products. After a single office visit, you'll leave with dramatically whiter teeth minus the hassles of impressions or whitening trays, and with reduced sensitivity. Our in office whitening appointments include a Guided Biofilm Therapy “Refresh” and a take home whitening pen. If you prefer the DIY approach we offer Wicked White take home whitening kits (complete with LED light) and take home pens for purchase.


We use Xpur Crystal to treat your sensitive teeth. Crystal applies easily to quickly reduce your sensitivity. No freezing required.

Silver Diamine Fluoride:

SDF is an exciting addition to the dental world. In addition to being a powerful desensitizer it is also useful to halt the cavity process. When decay is caught in its early stages your Dental Hygienist may be able to paint on an application of Silver Diamine Fluoride and stop the process before it has a chance to dig deeper into the tooth. This product does not require freezing or prepping of the tooth. This is particularly beneficial for young children who have a challenging time in the dental chair, as well as those who have complex restorations that may have slight breaches in their margins. This application is most effective when a cavity is caught in its earliest stages, so dont delay if you feel this treatment might be right for you.

*depending on the reason for the SDF application a filling may still be required. If a filling is required SDF may allow your dentist to use less invasive filling techniques.

Dental Sealants:

At DHC our primary focus is on disease prevention. We use a flowable composite material to seal off deep grooves in your teeth to reduce the likelihood of harmful bacteria burrowing in and causing decay.

Our Favourite Available For Purchase:

DHC will be continuing to add our favourite dental health products to our list of products. We are committed to providing the best oral care aids at an affordable price point. From Cocofloss, Wicked White, Optirinse fluoride rinse, specialized tooth paste, a variety of Sonicare Electric toothbrushes and so much more! We will be continuing to add to our list of products to better serve you!

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